2020 Vision for 2019

By Laura Taranto

I am encouraged and impacted by all of the words about breakthroughs and promises fulfilled for 2020. I agree, 100%. But God has also been speaking to me about having 2020 vision for last year too. Many have shared what a hard year they had in 2019. It was definitely pretty rough for me too. I started the year in the emergency room, moved to a new continent, and had a lot of bumps and twists I didn’t expect along the way. When the year ended, I was cheering with joy, just glad I made it through the finish line. I was so ready to shut the door on last year and step into a new season. I wanted my breakthrough, and the promises fulfilled! But God wanted to show me some things first, and I hope they will help you too. He wanted to give me a new perspective on last year, so I could fully embrace this one. He convinced me to look back on myself and my year with love and appreciation, not discouragement or regret. He showed me the breakthroughs and promises I did get last year were actually bigger than I realized at the time.

I don’t know about you, but I was really harsh with myself last year. I was going through a difficult season and a big transition. In the midst of it all, I expected myself to be just as productive and accomplish all my goals and dreams. I didn’t want to stop; I wanted to be farther along. I wanted to do more. Maybe you feel like that too sometimes… looking at yourself with pressure and critique instead of love and kindness. In harder seasons, sometimes we actually just need to rest in God. We need a Selah, a pause, a breath, a moment with Him. We are trying to push ourselves harder, but God is saying it’s okay to be slow.

His rhythm is different than ours. He is in the process and in the waiting. He is in the rest just as much as He is in the run. He is not critiquing our productivity or looking back with disappointment about what we didn’t get done last year. He just wants to be with us. He wants to fill our hearts to overflowing so we can sing for joy at all He’s done. He never sees us as failures. He tenderly looks on us as His beautiful children. He is full of hope for our lives every day. And we will accomplish our God dreams too… He’s just not in a rush with what’s most important to Him, that’s you, not your list of achievements!

For me, some of the 2020 words filled me with expectations. I also realized I can be too focused on the promises that didn’t happen yet. I can feel like I am not far enough along or even not good enough sometimes. But God is a proud Father rejoicing overall we did do last year, over who we were in the midst of it. He was with us every single step of the way. He is showing me more and more of the little victories of last year. He is showing me the promises He did fulfill.

One of my friends, a very wise woman, encouraged me to remember the promises of God over my life are not just that one big dream, but there are countless other promises and dreams He wants to fill my life with (and yours too). He is working here and now. He never stops working (didn’t “Way Maker” sink in yet??). Yes, every promise is yes and amen, and I am still believing for my big promises. I will walk into them and receive every single one. So will you. But His faithfulness doesn’t start when you get to a certain goal or when your life looks the way you want it. His faithfulness is already with us today, at this moment. Sometimes breakthrough is just a new perspective, 2020 vision, seeing ourselves and our lives the way God does. Past, present, and future. Grace, love, and mercy.

So, if this speaks to your heart, ask God to show you how He looks back on your 2019. He will show you how much love He had for you and how proud He is of all you overcame. You didn’t give up. You stayed close to Him. You loved others well and helped people along the way. You shined for Him even when it felt small. You’re His kid, and He is so so proud of you. He loves you and holds you very close to His heart. 2019 was better than we thought. And 2020 is even better.

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